The 1st ICRU International Conference: Sustainable Community Development

Poster Presentation

The 1st ICRU International Conference: Sustainable Community Development

Materials Prepared by the Presenters:
1. All presenters must set up your posters on February 17, 2019 from 1.00 pm onwards.
2. Poster board size: 100cm x 200 cm
3. Adhesive Tapes or Clamps will be provided.

Poster Presentation I: Tuesday 19th February 2019







Antibacterial activities from leaf extracts of Tithonia diversifolia

Montakarn Thongsom, Paweena Khongjua, Chalermwut Suetrong
Nakhonsithammarat Rajabhat University (Sc2)

Anti-Streptococcus Mutans Efficacy of Chitosan Nanoparticles Containing Krachai and Guava Leaf Extracts

Somruthai Tunma
Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (Sc13)

The Exploration of Sustainable Development Circumstance on Food Security and Ending Hunger in Thailand for Goal No. 2” under the Research Program on Exploring the Goal of Sustainable Development in Thailand and the Optional Economic, Social, and Legal Measures

Satian Cuanta
Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (S1)

The Comparison of Learning Achievement on Management Learning in Classroom by Using Graphic Organizer and Normal Teaching Strategy for Students Faculty of Education, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University

Amporn Donchai, Thidarat Sukprapaporn ,Rak Warunwanarak
Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (E3)


Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Melaleuca cajuputi Powell leaves extract and their antioxidant activity and catalytic degradation of dyes

Paweena Porrawatkul, Rungnapa Pimsen, Naengnoi Sangsane, Nongyao Teppaya, Arnannit Kuyyoksuy
Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University (Sc3)

Developing an optimal hydroponic fertilizer formula to increase growth rate and chlorophyll quantity of Wolffia globose

Patcharawarin Ruanto
Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (Sc14)

Humanities and Social Sciences Examining the relationship between personality traits, interpersonal relationships and loneliness from the privacy of online communities

Mei-Jane Teng, Chatchakan Pongsiwat, Chotiga Suyayai , Thatthep Jearanaisil, Max Yu-Chih Lo
National Chin-Yi University of Technology (S4)

Active Learning Model to Develop English Proficiency of Students at Chiang Rai Rajabhat University Demonstration School

Supaporn Tewiya, Rak Warunwanarak, Pongsri Jatupa, et al.
Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (E4)


Adsorption performance of graphene quantum dots for cadmium (II) removal from synthetic wastewater
Prawit Nuengmatcha, Kamonpan Wongyai, Jirawan Suksanguan, Aunchisa Thongtip

Nakhonsithammarat Rajabhat University (Sc4)

Insecticidal Activity of Soursop (Annona muricata L.) Against Common Cutworm (Spodoptera litura Fabricius)

Sukanda Chaiyong, Suphattra Songngamsap
Chandrakasasem Rajabhat University (Sc16)

Comprehensive Evaluation index System for China’s Industrial Transformation  and Medium-to-high Level Economic Growth in the Connectivity Blueprint

Jing-Hui Wu
Huaqiao University (S11)

The Effectiveness of ICT Competencies Training Program for Pre-service Teacher Students Practicum in Small Sized Schools: Case of Small Sized Schools in Krok Pra District, Nakhon Sawan Province

Wudhijaya Philuek, Sirirat Janyarat, Thitipong Raksarikorn
Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University (E5)


Cellulose degradation by white fungus isolated from pig manure

Sattra Ladpala, Wichayarat Thipwangkul, Songphorn Ouanlum, Haruthai Thaisuchat
Lampang Rajabhat University (Sc5)

Efficiency of Bacillus spp. to enhance plant growth promotion in hydroponic Compositae

Kansuda Duangsrikaew
Thepsatri Rajabhat University


Isolation of bacteria contaminated in plant tissue cultures and theirs effect on mung bean (Vigna radiata) growth

Haruthai Thaisuchat, Aphichat Chidburee, Pornanan Boonkorn, Sattra Ladpala, Charuwan Wongwai, Orapan Tamna
Lampang Rajabhat University (Sc6)

Isolation of lactic acid bacteria with probiotic properties from fermented fish (Pla Som) in Lopburi Province

Janejira Detraksa
Thepsatri Rajabhat University (Sc18)


Adverse Effects of Carbendazim on Pollen Morphology, Viability and Tube Growth of ‘Super Hot’ Chili

Pornanan Boonkorn, Angkhana Chuajedton, Haruthai ThaisuchatLampang Rajabhat U
niversity (Sc7)

Isotherm, kinetic and thermodynamic adsorption of methylene blue dye onto shrimp shell
Suchada Sawasdee, Disorn kaewkanha, Sawitra Tonsaree, Prachart Watcharabundit

Thepsatri Rajabhat University (Sc20)


Microwave-assisted Extraction of Crude Lignin from Waste Wood
from Wood Handicraft

Weeranuch Karuehanon, Pornanan Boonkorn, Angkhana Chuajedton
Lampang Rajabhat University (Sc8)


Boonsom Porntepkasemsan, Wutthikrai Kulsawat, Phatchada Nochit
Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (Sc23)



Poster Presentation II: Tuesday 19th February 2019







Diversity of freshwater algae and aquatic insects community in paddy field areas, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province

Pongpan Leelahakriengkrai, Rungnapa Tagun, Tatporn Kunpradid
Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (Sc10)

Application of Stable Isotope Signatures for Assessing Groundwater Recharge in Semi-arid Kampang Phet, Thailand

Wutthikrai Kulsawat, Boonsom orntepkasemsan, Phatchada Nochit
Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (Sc24)


Analysis of Nutritional Value of Ventilago denticulata Willd

Jiraporn Palee, Wathana Panyamaneesorn
Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (Sc11)

Comparison of East Asian Bullfrogs’ growth reared in cement potholes
and plastic condominium units

Onpreeya Wongdow, Nattida Supahan
Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (Sc29)


Fatty acid analysis of Horsfieldia glabra Warb. Seeds

Natthiya Chaichana
Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (Sc12)

Using Raspberry Pi in Teaching and Learning Python: Case of Matthayomsuksa 3 Students of Wat Nongyao School, Ladyao District, Nakhon Sawan Province

Thitipong Raksarikorn, Sirirat Janyarat, Wudhijaya PhiluekNakhon Sawan Rajabhat U
niversity (Sc32)